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Glen is an artist/educator who approaches life with an adventurous spirit and a reverence for Mother Earth. One of her favorite quotes, "Leap and the net will appear", has propelled her on a life journey of art and discovery.


She has lived and worked in Mexico since 2000 and now splits her time between San Miguel de Allende and Mazatlan. Originally from Mississippi, she wandered between New Orleans and Gainesville, Florida where she attended University of Florida and developed a passion for printmaking so many years ago.

In the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived for 25 years, also known as Glen Rogers Perrotto, she immersed herself in the arts and developed as an organizer and curator as well as a visual artist.  She  co-founded Citadel Print Center and organized the San Jose ICA Monotype Marathon while a board member. 

In Mazatlán, she founded First Friday Artwalk, had a gallery, Luna: Arte Contemporáneo, and organized international exhibitions and artist exchanges such as Plastic Madness/Locura del Plastico which continues to travel. 

Glen has exhibited internationally with recent solo exhibitions at Baupres Gallery, Mazatlan; Bellas Artes, Cusco and the Bienal Int'l de Grabado in Lima, Peru; Her work was shown in Crossing Borders, Ghent, Belgium in 2019.


Glen is considered a master printer with an MFA in printmaking and teaches monoprint workshops in her studio and has led Art Vacations throughout Mexico and Peru.


One of her favorite pastimes is to combine travels with visiting ancient sacred sites and working in studios around the world. To this end, she has done artist residencies in Morocco; Venice, Italy; Spain and Belgium. Her book, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place, chronicles her pilgrimages to sites around the world. 


Her public artworks in California, include Beacon in Campbell; Web of Life, bridge railing for City of Chico;  Spirit Gate in San Jose and in Austria, Throne for a Goddess, Kunstpark St. Ruprecht/Raab.


Artist Statement

Artist Statement

The source of all things. The beginnings of life. The primal mark.

My work reflects a search for connection with and understanding of life’s great mysteries. I borrow from a cadre of universal visual symbols that reference the ancient world, returning again and again to the simplest of nature's symbols such as the spiral, the circle, and the crescent. I am drawn to the cyclical aspects of these nature-based symbols referencing renewal and regeneration, birth and the cycle of life.

Whether paintings or prints, I choose to work with earth tones, such as ochres, siennas and umbers, the colors of antiquity. The putting down of subtle layers, accented by bold marks, builds up textural surfaces that reach back in time to early mark making, connecting with archetypal symbols from early cultures.

My sources for inspiration come from markings found on pottery shards, figurines, and cave walls in sites throughout the world. I have traveled to many sacred sites seeking connection, understanding and inspiration; Newgrange in Ireland, Knossos in Crete, caves in the south of France and Las Labradas, Mexico.

These ancient inscriptions, artifacts from the Neolithic era, inspire me with their earthiness and connection to the beginning of things. Gaia, Mother Earth, is at the heart of all of these symbols reflecting the spirit of nature that binds us all. As I work the surface of the paper or canvas, and delve into this ancient iconography, I feel an affinity with those who have come before me.


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