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5 Day Monotype Printing Workshop in

San Miguel de Allende

Let your creativity flow in unexpected directions with

master printer Glen Rogers!  

Whether you are an artist interested in pursuing another medium (painter, sculptor, etc.) or a beginner ready for a creative experience, this Monotype Workshop is for you!

Monotype printing (or Monoprint) is an easily accessible medium for all levels and  encourages playfulness and exploration of ideas. Some refer to this printing process as monoprint - same thing - and its refered to as 'the painterly print.' After demonstrations in a range of techniques, individual attention is given to each artist to pull professional quality prints. We will cover additive techniques (painting on the plate with brushes, rollers, etc), subtractive techniques - applying ink with a roller or brayer and wiping or drawing by removing the ink with a tool, multiple drop color printing, non-toxic Xerox transfer as a way to combine photos with your monoprint. And much more!

5 Day Workshop - $550usd. 
Includes all inks and materials plus one full sheet of 22" x 30" paper. Additional paper available for purchase in the workshop.

Artists who have attended my workshops can continue to print at my Open Studio sessions. 400ps/$20usd if you sign up for 4 Monday evenings. $500ps drop-in.

Studio address:
28 de Abril norte #56, Colonia San Antonio

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