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Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place
















This book goes beyond a catalogue of my work through the last 20 years to include the sharing of my experiences, inspirations, and creative process.

As my travels became spiritual journeys, each one bore a new wave of creativity in the studio.
































Created in collaboration with book designer, Margery Cantor, this coffee table style book contains beautiful spreads in full color of my work, the sites that inspired me and personal observations written especially for each of the 10 chapters.

Limited edition, hard-cover, 90 pages, 11" x 13".


Out of Print

"In her work, and in this book, Glen Rogers invites us to accompany her on a pilgrimage to these ancient sites marked by human creativity. With Glen we encounter the immense numinosity of these powerful places; we experience with her their ability to stir us deeply, to inspire and transform, to quicken the creative spirit." 
From the Foreward by Diane Jonte-Pace, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Santa Clara University


"Sharing is something that we're compelled to do. It's in our nature, part of what defines us as human beings, and indeed, glorifies us as individuals. 
It's in this spirit that Glen has given us this book, sharing the sacred places, symbols and connections she has discovered in her many years of traveling and creating art. As she has opened her heart, it seems the natural world has responded, sharing its ancient secrets and wisdom which she now passes on to us within the pages of this book.
Janet Blaser, publisher M! Magazine


Sorry, this book is out of print.

Contact me if you are interested in the next edition.


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