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All copper hand-forged in

Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. For interior only.

Commissions welcomed.

Interested in purchasing or finding out more about my artwork?

Waterbird (SOLD)

Waterbird, 24" x 4" circular vessel (SOLD)

Waterbird w waves (SOLD)

Waterbird w waves, 24" x 4" circular vessel (SOLD)

Ritual Shield (SOLD)

Ritual Shield, 60" x 24" (SOLD)

Ritual Vessel (SOLD)

Ritual Vessel, 38" x 24" oval (SOLD)

Spiral Vessel (SOLD)

Spiral Vessel, 38" x 24" oval (SOLD)

Copper Shield III (SOLD)

Copper Shield III, 24" x 10" (SOLD)

Pod (SOLD)

Pod, 24" x 2" Shield series (SOLD)

Ritual Vessel (SOLD)

Ritual Vessel, 36" x 4" (SOLD)

Yin & Yang (SOLD)

Yin & Yang, 24" x 8" (SOLD)

Copper Shield I (SOLD)

Copper Shield I, 24" x 10" (SOLD)

Installation of Ritual Vessels

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