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Sacred Feminine Wisdom
This 50 card oracle deck is a form of divination designed to speak to your inner goddess. Glen's artwork focuses on women in their power and life issues that will inform your own journey. 

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Walk your mystical path of self-discovery with this unique artist-created deck.
Pull one or more cards as a way to connect with Sacred Feminine energy and open your mind and heart to the messages you receive.
Includes guidebook with Glen’s introduction, a foreword by Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic and a dialogue with each card in collaboration with Andrea Gower, spiritual healer.

Oracle deck w book and box

A boxed deck, cards are 5 3/8" x 3 1/2".  

Includes guidebook with introduction and interpretations.

All Text & Images: Glen Rogers ©2024  

$38usd plus shipping    

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