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Spirit Cards

A deck of 50 oracle cards inspired by universal symbols
that honor the Sacred Feminine.

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Spirit Cards is a contemporary approach to an ancient tradition. The images, inspired by universal symbols that honor the Sacred Feminine, were created over a 30-year period by artist Glen Rogers. Her paintings and prints are mystical and meditative, transcending into the spiritual realm with a defined feminine perspective.


Use these Spirit Cards as a companion on your journey of self-discovery. Open your mind, heart and spirit to the messages you receive and use them as a form of meditation and contemplation.

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A boxed deck, cards are 5 3/8" x 3 1/2".  

Includes guidebook with introduction and interpretations.

All Text & Images: Glen Rogers ©2020  

$38usd plus shipping    

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I just received my Spirit Cards from Glen Rogers. They are just gorgeous and I love and resonate with the messages attached to each card!  

Thank you Glen for taking time to share what you have experienced and accumulated over the years.

Wilma Bodrak

I found my Spirit Cards in my mail box. Thank you so much.

I love them. I already had one “session” with them and will enjoy adding them to my runes and tarot cards for my spiritual tune up sessions. I love the beautiful gold bag too!

Susan Page

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