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Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art

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In her book Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art, the artist/author Glen Rogers takes us on a journey to explore eight iconic symbols that appear universally in early civilizations. She introduces archetypes—the bird, the circle, the lotus, the moon, the seed, the spiral, the vessel, and the vesica piscis—delving into both their meanings and their metaphors. Glen engages us with her unique style of art to illustrate each chapter, shares her personal stories and includes a guided meditation for each symbol.

Through research, intuition and a deep sense of creativity and interconnectedness, the author explains with words and visual images how these symbols with their hidden messages can enrich our daily lives and anchor us firmly on our spiritual path.



Created in collaboration with book designer, Margery Cantor. 

Limited edition, soft-cover, 104 pages, 9" x 9".

Price: $38 USD (plus shipping)

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